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Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A

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Miquel y Costas is a world reference for the tobacco industry, to which it offers the full range of cellulose-based products that it needs: paper to make cigarettes, rolling paper booklets and textile pulp to make cigarette paper.


Miquel y Costas is one of the few world producers in the sector that offers the three types of paper needed to make a cigarette: smoking paper, cigarette holder paper and filter paper. It makes them with the best pastes (bought on the market or its own) and sells them to the main tobacco companies in the world. All of its cigarette paper conforms to the most demanding legal requirements.

1. Cigarette paper

(wraps tobacco)

Manufactured from a single type of pulp -wood, flax or hemp-, or with a mixture of these, according to the client's requirements. Miquel y Costas produces self-extinguishing paper (LIP), less permeable to air, which has been patented in the main markets.

2. Mouthpiece paper

(joins the filter with the rest of the cigarette)

Recognized throughout the world for its excellent machinability and uniformity, it is a paper printed with the design of each brand and perforated with a laser or electrostatically, at the request of the client.

3. Filter paper

(wraps the filter)

It covers the entire range demanded by the tobacco sector, from zero porosity to the highest porosity, including anti-grease, rigid and colored filters.

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