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Antibacterial Vacfilt

Antibacterial Vacfilt

Antibacterial Vacfilt

This filter provides reliable bacteriostatic and antifungal effects against a wide spectrum of germs and dust mites.

Properties and applications:

- Antimicrobial chemical product, in accordance with US legislation (Environmental Protection Agency, EPA).

- Good skin tolerance according to OECD 404 (irritation) and 406 (sensitization) tests.

- Antibacterial and antifungal effects on the paper tested according to the Swiss tests for resistance to bacteria and fungi SN 195920 and SN 195921.

- Disinfection test: this laboratory test indicates the difference between treated and untreated samples. The treated sample and its perimeter appear free of any germ and fungus.

Our qualities:

LV qualities

Antibacterial treatment (disinfection certificate)

OC grades

Anti-odor treatment (disinfection certificate)

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