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Materials Handling Equipment Company

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Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors

Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) is the industry leader in drag conveyors because we are able to engineer, manufacture, install and service our drag conveyors based on the individual needs of our clients. We engineer every one of our drag conveyors to meet the specific requirements of the jobs they are intended for, without any superfluous equipment that only hinders the capabilities of the machinery and adds unnecessary expense. Our custom designed drag conveyors improve operations, and reduce maintenance at the most economical prices available because we only build you the drag conveyor the application requires and you demand.

Our drag conveyors come in a wide variety of chains, liners, flighting and drives that are specifically suited to withstand abrasion, corrosion and extreme heat. Since the 1920s, MHE has supplied drag conveyors to numerous industries including power and utilities, chemical and construction. Our knowledge and experience have helped us become one of the most respected, and trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Some of the classifications of our drag conveyors are:

  • Bottom & Fly Ash

  • Siftings Conveyor

  • Submerged Chain Conveyor (SCC)

  • Clinker Conveyor

  • En-Masse Conveyor

  • Grit Collectors

  • Wood Chip Reclaimer

  • Sludge Cake Conveyor

  • Deslagger

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