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Paper cup forming machine

Paper cup forming machine


LS-M001, Paper cup machine, coffee cup making machine,disposable cup making machine,disposable paper glass machine price,paper cup manufacturing machine,disposable cup making machine machine As an improved and upgraded product of single-plate paper cup maker, this kind of paper machine completes the entire forming process of paper cup by using three turnplates. In order to realize optimal functions and performance, it utilizes open cam design, interrupted division, gear drive and longitudinal axis structure.


The paper machine also applies many well designed techniques and devices: spray lubrication is mainly applied to decrease the abrasion of components; the imported Lister heater is utilized for sealing cup body and bottom; silicon oil flow is precisely controlled by an electromagnetic valve piece of paper converting machinery conducts two forming steps, rotating curling and heating& forming. By doing so, it produces cups with high strength and uniform size. When it comes to PLC control, by utilizing a photoelectric sensor and servo control feeder, the paper cup former ensures a high speed and stable operation and achieves a significant decrease in labor cost. In addition, this paper container making equipment will automatically shut down when any malfunction is detected. With the assistance of a CCD image detecting system (optionally), cups that are broken, stained or defective can be picked out. This effective system achieves no manual intervention and reduces secondary contamination of product. This kind of paper cup machine equals to one piece of equipment that integrates all cup making procedures, including paper feeding, sealing, cup bottom feeding, heating, knurling, cup-mouth curling, discharging, testing and counting. It’s an ideal choice for making cups of 50-135mm high.



Paper cup forming machine



Paper cups specification

4-16oz (100-450ml)(mold exchangeable)

T:55-85mm / H:60-135mm / B:55-70mm

Air supply requirement


Paper specification

150-350 GSM single/double PE coated paper

Production capacity

60-85 pcs/min



Total Power


Total Weight





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