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Paper Box Carton Erecting Machine QH-9905

Paper Box Carton Erecting Machine QH-9905


Carton Erecting Machine/ take away food box making machine is a special forming machine that produces burger box,one block box, food pail box(to go box), French Fries box and other related containers made by cardboard paper and corrugated paper


Technical Data

Normal Output

one block paper box (4 corner box without lid)

MAX: 180 pcs /min

fries box

MAX: 150 pcs /min

hot-dog box / burger box

MAX: 120 pcs /min

food pail

MAX: 100 pcs /min

P.S. The speed mentioned above is under normal conditions. Actual output may vary in box shape, quality of material and its substance.

P.S. QH-9905 Carton Erecting Machine can produce boxes made by aluminum foiled paper and two-side PE coated paper with hot gluing system.


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