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The plate settler’s roots date back to 1904, when sanitary engineering pioneer Allen Hazen introduced the concept that sedimentation is a function of basin surface area, independent of retention time. That development led engineers to add diagonal steel plates in the sedimentation basins to increase the effective projected horizontal surface area. That is where the JMS Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System) comes in. At JMS, we build upon that concept by utilizing our own Mega-PROGRAM (Plate Settler Design Program), developed over the last decade, to calculate the effective projected horizontal surface area required for a given design flow, while optimizing other design variables critical to the process. The result is the most efficient approach possible to maximizing the treatment capacity of the basin and improving effluent quality.

JMS Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System) Advantages

TFCA™ Top Flow Control Angle

  • Patented feature controls headloss and clogging issues other designs do not address.

  • Provides headloss control for even laminar flow to exit, minimizing clogging

  • Operators can walk on top of plates for wash-down and service

  • TFCA™ angle geometry adaptable to suit water or wastewater applications

Dual Side-Loaded Effluent Troughs

  • Addresses the issues of reduced visibility, access to the plates, and velocity accumulations resulting in imbalanced flow.

  • Minimizes distance settled water travels to trough, flow across plate remains balanced

  • Provides view of, and access to the top of the system

2VNP™ Adjustable V-Notch Weirs

  • Adjustable weirs fine-tune water elevations to accommodate fluctuations in plant flow.

  • Two V-notch weirs per plate for even flow distribution across all plates

Mega-PROGRAM (Plate Settler Design Program)

  • The JMS Mega-PROGRAM is the most advanced and comprehensive plate settler design program in use.

  • Thousands of Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System) designs optimized for engineers and municipalities

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