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Sedimentation basins are a key part of the water treatment process as they prepare water for final filtration. Excessive buildup of sludge can lead to turbidity issues, loss of effective tank volume, and can negatively affect downstream membranes and/or filters. The Mega-SCRAPER (Sludge Removal System), a simple and reliable answer to sludge removal needs, was developed by JMS design engineers using proven design concepts developed over half a century of experience in outfitting sedimentation basins.

The JMS Mega-SCRAPER (Sludge Removal System) hydro-dynamically designed blades and reciprocating motion produce a thickening effect of the sludge blanket while creating a zone of influence that moves solids toward the sludge collection pit. On the forward stroke this blade design transports sludge forward, and slides under the blanket without disturbance of the sedimentation process on the reverse stroke. The speed of the reverse stroke is 2-3 times the forward stroke speed. Based on sound principles, but flexible by design, it is applicable in both water and wastewater sedimentation systems.

JMS Mega-SCRAPER (Sludge Removal System) Advantages

Maintenance Advantages

  • Easy installation with no on-site welding or cutting needed

  • Robust design for reliable continuous or intermittent operation

  • Minimal moving parts means low maintenance needs

  • All stainless steel and UHMWPE materials of construction

Process Advantages

  • Scraper blade design maximizes sludge movement toward the sludge pit with minimum disturbance of the sludge blanket, reducing sludge volume

  • Reciprocating motion produces a thickening effect of the sludge blanket

  • Customizable for 100% coverage of new or existing basins, suitable for use with JMS Mega-SETTLER systems

  • Optimized energy transfer triangle for maximum torque development

Experience Advantages

  • JMS 50+ year legacy of outfitting sedimentation basins

  • Uses proven JMS design enhancements critical to the longevity of the system

  • Made in the USA

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