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High and Low Consistency Centricleaner for Recycled Paper

High and Low Consistency Centricleaner for Recycled Paper

All kinds of High and  Low Consistency Centrifugal Cleaner for paper pulp making machine
Rate passing capacity of single equipment(L/min):400-600
Inlet consistency(%):0.3-1.2
Diameter of deslagging outlet(L/min):3-16
Pressure of inflow pulp(Mpa):0.2-0.4
1.Divided design, the cleaners can be divided into 3-4 parts ,which make it easier for disassembly, assembly and replace.
2. Different deslagging ways: open and closed type impurity discharge to meet different working environment.
3. The bottom of cone adapt wear-resistant ceramics. It ensures the stable deslagging and long service life. 

our company mainly manufacture and export High and Low Consistency Centrigual cleaner and Centricleaner system and High and Low Vacuum Dehydrated Ceramic Suction Box  for Paper pulp macking machine or Recycled paper machinery.

we can offer Centrifugal cleaners at PA66, Staineless steel 304 and 316, Alumina Ceramic.  Our main products are as follow:

 AZ Series: TC/SC133,RB300,RB600

VH Series: KS160,KS60 HCL5,HICC400/600,KS250,KS200, KS900

KB Series: CT15,CT30, CT60, CT108,XCEL150,LC25,LC20, LC1, LC14.5,LC12,LC11

GL 350,700,TWISTER cleaners spare parts and assembly

Besides the above, we also have manufacture or customized High and Low Vacuum Dehydrated Ceramic Suction Box and Panels at  99 alumina ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic and silicon nitride used in different speed paper machinery

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