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KS60 Low Consistency PA66 Paper Machine Cleaner

KS60 Low Consistency PA66 Paper Machine Cleaner

Product Name  :  Low Consistency PA66 Centrifugal Cleaner
Serial No. KS60
Material  : PA66
Volumetric inlet flow rate per cleaner ( l/min) :100 ... 118
Stock consistency range, BD( % ):  0 ... 1.5
Max. adm. operating pressure ( bar) :  4.0
Operating temperature, max. (°C):   70
Differential pressure, inlet - accepts (bar )  : 1.2 ... 1.6
Accept pressure, min. (Bar):  0.4
pH range 1) for PA66  (pH ) p:  5 ... 10

Removal of contaminants with minimal fiber loss

Cleaning systems are used to remove coarse or fine heavy and lightweight contaminants as well as entrained air. This provides a clean fiber material but also reduces wear and tear on the downstream equipment. 
Cleaners are used for recovered paper stock systems, approach flow systems, and stock preparation systems with virgin fibers.
 To minimize fiber loss, the rejects have to be processed in subsequent cleaner stages. In Centrifugal cleaner systems, in most cases two or three cleaner stages are required but no more than four stages.

Separate fiber and contaminants with high efficiency

Low consistency (LC) cleaners are used to remove small contaminants. The separation principle is always the same - contaminants can be separated from fibers of different densities.

Based on decades of experience in paper production and stock preparation, we developed its Blue Line product line. Our customers profit from proven our quality in stock preparation and simultaneously lower costs of raw materials. Our LC and HC cleaner products are perfectly matched to each other. Take advantage of our technologies for outstanding pulp and paper quality.

Our solutions for LC cleaner rebuilds

Is your goal to increase efficiency in the cleaning process without costly but Save huge cost engineering and parts maintenance ?
Save valuable resources with our rebuild solutions and at the same time improve the performance of your existing system.

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