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Plastic and PA66, PA12 Reject Outlet

Plastic and PA66, PA12 Reject Outlet

Qingdao HuiJieLong International Trade Co.,Ltd is located in the Biggest trade port -Qingdao North of China. We have a Superior geographical location: It is 15 kilometers away from Qingdao port and 40 kilometers away from Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. There are many expressways and high-speed railways around it.

 Relying on Qingdao's regional advantages and integrating industry and trade, our company mainly manufacture and export spare parts and assembly of pulp making machine and paper manufacturing machinery.  Our main products are as follow:

ANDRITZ Series:High and Low Consistency Cleaners & spare parts of TC/SC133,RB300,RB600

 Series:High and Low Consistency Cleaners & spare parts of KS160,KS60 HCL5,HICC400/600,KS250,KS200

 KADANT Series:High and Low consistency cleaners & spare parts of CT15,CT30, CT60, CT108,XCEL150,LC25,LC20, LC1, LC14.5,LC12,LC11

 GLV350,700,TWISTER cleaners spare parts and assembly

 Besides the above, we also have 99 alumina ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic and silicon nitride ceramic panels used in different speed paper machine.

Our factory was built in the 1996, after 25 years of development, we has accumulated rich and enough experience in Cleaner design and manufacturing. Strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced technology and perfect testing tools make our products almost in perfect. After more than ten years of continuous innovation and market feedback, our paper pulp assembly and ceramic cleaner have become one pioneer and marker in the field .

 The cleaners made by isostatic pressing process have a durable and lasting life span even 3 times of cleaners with grouting process method. Since 2011, our company has successively become a supplier of paper pulp cleaner and slag remover for the three major paper making equipment enterprises in Germany, the United States and Austria. Beichen brand cleaners are be frequently and widespreadly used In the top 20 domestic paper manufacturer , and its products are independently exported to international paper industry enterprises for OEM or after market service too.  Our products has won great honor and praise from our Customers

 We can also developed new cleaners and parts according to your demand if you can offer samples or drawings. 

Customers at home and abroad are appreciated much to contact us.

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