Arjo Wiggin Fine Papers

Arjo Wiggin Fine Papers

Stoneywood Mill, Stoneywood Terrace, Aberdeen AB21 9AB, United Kingdom

Translucent Papers

Translucent Papers

From envelope windows and sticky notes to food packaging and furniture-making, our translucent papers offer properties that are employed across numerous applications with stunning results.

We combine traditional and modern processing technologies to produce papers for 21st-century needs, to high environmental standards.

Specialty papers

Among the traditional applications for our high-quality specialty papers are graphic, advertising and promotional papers, arts and crafts papers, labels, sticky notes, envelopes and our technical-drawing paper, Gateway. Industrial applications include tailored translucent grades for battery separators, solar panels and clean-room papers.

Furniture manufacturing

Arjocore is a translucent paper adapted for the processing of decorative laminates. It is used widely in the furniture and building industries as a core layer for post-forming laminates into curved profiles.

Food packaging

Sylvicta is a very high-barrier paper that perfectly preserves the freshness of fresh food while ensuring limited impact on the environment – wholly recyclable, compostable and marine degradable, and made from renewable raw materials.

For the cosmetics sector as well as the food industry, Sylvicta offers brands a plastic replacement that can help achieve worldwide ambitions to move towards a sustainable, circular economy.

Creatively, Sylvicta represents no compromise: it can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, printed in offset, gravure and flexography, or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials.

Across our translucent papers business, we set high environmental standards. All of our products are FSC™ and PEFC™-certified and Sylvicta is carbon-offset through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme.

Our translucent papers are available worldwide.

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