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Arjo Wiggin Fine Papers

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Smart papers

Smart papers

Today, paper isn’t just something humans communicate with; it can communicate all by itself.

PowerCoat® offers a seamless way to integrate electronics into everyday products such as packaging, event tickets, cards, and magazines, as well as into more sophisticated applications such as pressure-sensitive materials, lighting, and displays.

Be it the printing of electronic and conductive circuitry directly onto paper or the printing of smart and connected paper products, you will find the perfect solution. The PowerCoat® range is super-smooth, flexible paper substrates with high-tech coatings that offer the ideal surface for carrying printed electronic circuits.

There is a PowerCoat® product for every kind of printed electronic application:

  • PowerCoat® HD: for printing high-precision electronic circuitry
  • PowerCoat®XD: for printing electronics for high-throughput processes
  • PowerCoat® ALIVE: for graphic printing in sheets and labels
  • PowerCoat® Security Documents
  • PowerCoat® Smartcore: for integrating electronics into plastics and laminates

Our smart papers can undergo a wide range of printing and finishing processes. They are all recyclable, biodegradable, and FSC-certified, eliminating the need for plastics and additional processes.

The PowerCoat® range is available worldwide.

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