Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

Testing Instruments, Gewerbestrasse 4
CH-4450 Sissach, Switzerland.

AboutZehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

The Swiss manufacturer of high quality electronic and physical measuring and testing instruments was founded in 1966 and stands for Swiss precision quality. In 1992 the company was handed over to Peter Zehntner, the current owner and Managing Director.


Experience of many years combined with the consistent and fast implementation of suggestions from their customers result in instruments meeting all clients‘requirements.



Zehntner strives to extend their product range continuously. In 2005 Zehntner launched the first gloss measuring sensor transmitting the measuring data directly to the PC/laptop via USB-interface which can also be used in the paper industry.



Active membership in standardisation committees as well as in-house development and manufacturing play a crucial role: innovative visions and latest technologies are implemented quickly and efficiently.