The Challenge Machinery Company

The Challenge Machinery Company

6125 Norton Center Drive Norton Shores, MI 49441 USA

AboutThe Challenge Machinery Company

The Challenge Machinery Company has been an innovator in cutting equipment for almost 150 years. Our achievements include the invention of the original paper cutter in 1887, the first paper drilling machine, the first hydraulic paper cutter, the first programmable paper cutter, and more recently the first fully automated programmable three-knife book trimmer.

Our Mission:

To design, manufacture and market products that provide our customers the best total value for turning printed pages into products, i.e., adding value to the printed document.

Our Statement of Principles:

We are committed to three main principles that drive our Company:

  • Making a profit - profit is necessary for long-term growth, capital investment, employee security, and organizational health;

  • Continual improvement - of ourselves, our products and our business processes to delight our customers;

  • Our Employees' well-being - treating employees with dignity and respect, recognizing and rewarding contributions, and maintaining a working environment which is safe and enjoyable.