14 rue Evariste Galois 38320 Eybens France


Let’s improve together your measurement processes

Noviprofibre innovates in all areas to offer you products and services of high quality at the cutting edge of technology.

We sell laboratory equipment and services related to quality control for the paper industry.

We make measurement easier and faster.

We market measurement devices for quality control in the paper industry. We develop and produce a part of our equipment in France in our production workshop. The other part of our devices is manufactured in Europe by prestigious conpagny such as IGT Testing system or BTG.

Our devices are fully compliant with ISO standards. We have all the skills to offer you the necessary services over the life of our devices.

Our history

The Profibre company was founded in 1947 in Grenoble, in Isère. Initially, Profibre specializes in the sale of chemicals. Profibre merges with Novipro to become Noviprofibre.

January 1, 1990 Jean-Pierre Livran takes over Noviprofibre and develops the sale of equipment and maintenance contracts in France. New partnerships are concluded at this time.

In the 2000s Damien and Julien Livran join the company which becomes a family company.

Damien Livran develops the export sales network and takes over the commercial management of the company.

Julien Livran creates the R & D branch of Noviprofibre with the creation of software for quality control.