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Paper based packages

Inmaco manufactures machines which produce paper packages like eggtrays, composite cans, paper cups or other packages based on paper. See our productpage for an overview of all our machines for paperbased packaging.


Over many years Inmaco has developed many different machines and manufacturing systems and a large variety of accessories to accompany these machines for the paper packaging industry.

Our vision on paper based packaging

Inmaco can look back on a long history in the field of paper-based packaging. In order to meet the future requirements in this field, we consistently develop our skills and expertise beyond the point they have reached today.

Continuous improvements following our own experience, feedback from our customers or by the availability of new technology and materials, result in an ongoing development of the solutions that we offer to the market. We combine all this with a focus on engineering, technology and customer support. With the recent addition of a line of multipoint folder/gluers to the range of Markhorst paper forming machines, Inmaco has widened its expertise in paper packaging.

For the production of our machines, we have entered into a partnership with Hilmar Group BV, a co-maker and system supplier to many prominent companies in the industry. With Hilmar supplying cost effective parts and sub-assemblies of certified quality, within a planned time frame, Inmaco can offer you the most economical solutions.