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We are packaging machine manufacturers with a long history of durable products. Founded in the Netherlands in the 1950s, we apply sustainable packaging technology to develop an extensive line of cardboard and paper packaging machinery.

Sustainability is no longer optional

The bet is on. If we are to safeguard the environment for future generations, we must stop plastic pollution. To turn the tide, packaging producers, co-packers and other companies in the sector look to packaging machine manufacturers to provide bio-based packaging equipment.

At the same price. With the same output. And increasingly flexible to meet the industry’s demands.

Achieving green goals while maintaining traditional requirements is no easy feat, but this is what we offer. After all, it’s what we have done for the last 70 years.

Providing the world with sustainable packaging technology

In that time, we learned the ins and outs of paper, cardboard and moulded fibre. We explored their possibilities, pushed their limits and designed machines that produce utterly sturdy, appealing products. Over the years, we optimised our systems to reduce energy use and product waste. We increased output and flexibility. We were able to deliver high-performing equipment at competitive prices.

And then the war against plastics broke out.

We now relish the opportunity to accomplish our mission: to provide the world with reasonably priced sustainable packaging technology. Read how we enable environmentally friendly packaging.

Our innovation doesn’t stop here, however. We will continue our quest for a healthier environment, always paving the path for customers’ industrial prosperity with our with revolutionary technologies. This tech-driven passion has led us to become one of the most competitive packaging machine manufacturers worldwide. We provide a wide array of tailor-made engineering solutions for the packaging industry.