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MT-250 pulp moulding package machine

MT-250 pulp moulding package machine

MT-250 pulp moulding package machine

Pulp moulding machines of high quality

The pulp moulding machines manufactured by Inmaco are capable of producing a wide variety of pulp moulded paper packages. Our pulp moulding machines can produce complex shapes in many sizes and are fully automatic.

The Markhorst MT-Systems machines for pulp moulding

The MT machines produce packaging for a wide range of basic packages, at a very attractive price level. With the appropriate tooling and adjustments these machines can be adjusted to produce both thin- and heavy wall products. The Markhorst MT-Systems are suitable for the production of cushion packaging and support packaging. The main characteristics of these machines are:

  • production capacities vary from 20 to 250 kg per hour;
  • they are suited with automatic or semi-automatic hot air drying system;
  • they are used for conventionally moulded products with require afterpressing.

Afterpressing is a system which will improve the shape and surface of the pulp moulded package. We supply a full range of presses for this purpose: from hydraulical hand-fed presses to fully automatic, high capacity mechanical presses.

The MT-250 pulp moulding package machine: for higher volumes

The MT-250 is a conventional pulp moulding machine for the production of a wide range of heavier products in high volumes. The MT-250 is very flexible in operation, changing from one product to another is quick and easy. Different products can be produced side by side. The MT-250 has the following main characteristics:

  • Output: 250 kg per hour (equivalent to 3600 eggtrays per hour)
  • Table size: 650 x 2100mm;
  • 6 indivudual controlled vacuumports;
  • up to 5 shots per minute;
  • max. product height: 150mm
  • Drying oven: Hot air tunnel dryer, 30m.

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