Hergen-Solutions for the paper industry

Hergen-Solutions for the paper industry

Rua Arnoldo Hoffmann, 35 - Rainha, Rio do Sul - SC, 89162-028, Brazil

AboutHergen-Solutions for the paper industry

We are located in the city of Rio do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, southern region of Brazil, and for 40 years we have been developing cutting-edge technology for the paper industry. Our product line includes machines for the manufacture of Tissue papers, Flat papers, as well as equipment for the preparation of stock.

With a highly specialized technical staff, we have achieved excellence in high performance products, following strict internationally recognized quality standards. Such consolidation is due to the adoption of an advanced management process, conscious investments in project development and planning with a focus on results.

Our facility has a paper machine cylinder manufacturing line, with capacity for Yankee Cylinders up to 7,320 mm (24 ft) in diameter and up to 6,500 mm face. This manufacturing site has modern machines and a unique infrastructure, which allows the complete construction of the equipment, from the calendering of the plates to the final process of metallization and grinding.

In addition to product development, we offer a range of services that range from pre-engineering to carrying out field work during a machine downtime. In order to meet the requirements of international safety codes, we invest in modern quality and process control tools.

Every step we take towards our vision of the future increases the competitiveness of our presence in the world market and consolidates us as an important player in the sector.

Our main actions are based on the following quality guidelines, focused on the pursuit of excellence:

  • Provide authentic quality products.
  • Adequately understand the needs of our customers, offering quick, in-depth and detailed responses to requests, queries and complaints.
  • Meet the established deadlines.
  • Train and motivate employees to better perform their duties and provide opportunities for professional growth in the area.
  • Adopt assertive and efficient working methods, seeking to continually improve them.
  • Adopt a posture of planning activities, anticipating problems, minimizing the causes of non-compliance and its effects.
  • Develop a relationship policy with suppliers aiming at cost optimization and ensuring the development of quality standards accepted by Hergen.
  • Promote a culture of safety, through awareness, monitoring and preventive attitudes.
  • 9Improve the quality of life of employees, maintaining a clean, orderly and safe work environment, always preserving the environment and natural resources.


Positively surprise customers by offering solutions for the paper manufacturing process that exceed their expectations in terms of performance and quality.


To be recognized worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of high quality paper machines, and for the technology and innovation of its products.