Hergen-Solutions for the paper industry

Hergen-Solutions for the paper industry

Rua Arnoldo Hoffmann, 35 - Rainha, Rio do Sul - SC, 89162-028, Brazil

Dryer Cylinders

Dryer Cylinders

Dryer Cylinders

More than 400 Drying Cylinders supplied to the Latin American market

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of Drying Cylinders, we have become one of the main suppliers in Latin America and the world.

We design and build Carbon Steel Drying Cylinders for small and large machines, through a modern and rigorous process, within the highest quality standards required by the world market.

The many advantages of carbon steel construction

Drying gain

Carbon Steel, with its ductile nature, allows the use of smaller wall thicknesses in the cylinder liner, resulting in a higher heat transfer rate to the paper sheet.

Real case
Six of the 49 former Cast Iron Drying Cylinders were replaced by Hergen Carbon Steel Cylinders

Hergen Cylinders have a smaller difference between the saturated steam temperature and the Cylinder surface temperature, when compared to Cast Iron Cylinders.

Increase in usable width

The more compact construction of steel cylinders increases their usable width, which can solve wet edge problems in drying.

Increased security

Carbon Steel construction eliminates the risk of explosion.

Reduced maintenance

The covers are welded, eliminating the possibility of leaks.

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