Global water and energy

Global water and energy

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Benefit from 30 years of operational experience and innovation

In the last three decades Global Water & Energy (GWE), a member of Global Water Engineering Group of Companies has developed a wide range of highly-effective and reliable technologies to treat the most demanding industrial wastewaters, handle various organic waste streams, and reuse water from industrial effluents.

Now hundreds of companies in 64 countries, continue to reduce their environmental footprint and achieve green energy standards thanks to GWE’s always tailor-made solutions.

Among our 400 references, there are projects executed for various industries, including pulp & paper, food & beverage, waste-to-energy, petrochemical, and others.

Pulp & paper manufacturers can expect tailor-made installations engineered with a focus on the minimal maintenance and operational requirements. With a partner as reliable as GWE, the mills can reach their maximum performance and profitability, with a minimal environmental impact.

Contact us today and reduce the environmental footprint of your company and achieve global water and green energy standards with GWE’s technologies!


Global Water & Energy aims to be a reliable solution provider of industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse, and green energy installations. With our state of the art technologies, we want to assist the industries and private owners in their efforts to grow while reducing the costs of doing business.


Global Water & Energy commits to creating first-rate, cost-effective solutions to allow industries around the world to leave a greener footprint and maximize their energy efficiency to contribute to a better and cleaner world for current and future generations.