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AboutEnviroburners OY

Finland-based Enviroburners Ltd. designs and manufactures advanced industrial burner systems for energy production and environment protection. Enviroburners products can be used for the combustion of various process wastes and with all traditional fuels such as fuel oils and combustible gases. We have extensive experience in supplying burners for unconventional fuels such as turpentine, hydrogen, ammonia, wood dust and solvents.


Enviroburners Ltd global presence


Enviroburners Ltd has designed and manufactured burner systems for40 years. The company has experience of over 70 projects in supplying start-up and load burners for BFB and CFB boilers, and since 1989 our team has supplied over 70 CNCG flare incinerators and burner applications all over the world - Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America. Enviroburners provides not only equipment, but also site supervision, commissioning of burners, operator training, spare parts and maintenance services.


The latest delivery of a recovery boiler burner project took place in 2013. For the recovery boiler in Svetlogorsk, Belarus, Enviroburners supplied six10 MW natural gas start-up burners. Enviroburners also delivered the main CNCG burner and its accompanying stand-by flare incinerator to the new recovery boiler.


The latest contract for the supply of a CNCG stand-by flare incinerator system is to Indonesia for the OKI Pulp& Paper Mill. The commissioning of the burner system is planned to take place in 2016. The delivery includes the world’s largest stand-by CNCG flare incinerator (35,2 MW). With this stand-by flare incinerator, all of the produced CNCG and SOG gases can be combusted safely, even when the recovery boiler is not in normal operation. In addition, Enviroburners is also supplying the light fuel oil, LPG and CNCG and SOG gas valve units for the stand-by flare incinerator.