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Blumberg GmbH & Co. KG

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AboutBlumberg GmbH & Co. KG

We do whatever you want with paper.

Paper is an expression of communication in all areas of the economy.

Despite advancing electronic technologies, paper is and will remain the number one information carrier.

A qualified team of employees ensures that national and international customers can choose their ideal solutions from a large number of needs-based and individual paper configurations.

The range consists of several thousand different items. State-of-the-art development and production facilities contribute to the fact that almost every idea related to paper can be realized.

Customized system papers

In the 5th generation, Blumberg develops tailor-made system papers for trade and industry, research and development, traffic and medical technology, supply and disposal facilities, banking, cash register and weighing technology as well as logistics and authorities.

Success has tradition - since 1885

The founding father of the success was Theodor Blumberg, who gave the go-ahead for the company in 1885 with visionary goals, a great deal of commitment and the desire for perfection in the truest sense of the word, because the main scope of services in Blumberg's pioneering years was the manufacture of fireworks and poppers for children's toys. Through the production of bakelite ink erasers, the connection to paper and the production and finishing of special papers arose in the years to come in order to meet the market requirements of the rapidly growing industry and economy.

In the following years, the following generations expanded the product range in terms of quality and quantity and led the company Blumberg Systempapiere to its present presence.