Ankur Minerals Pvt Ltd

Ankur Minerals Pvt Ltd

E-54 Kalpatru Shopping Center,
Shastri Nagar,
Jodhpur – 342 003, Rajasthan

AboutAnkur Minerals Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1991, Ankur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime. The firm is headquartered at Jodhpur and boasts of an installed capacity of 20000 MT of Quick Lime and 25000 MT of Hydrated Lime per annum.


The company also possesses sister concerns in the name of M/s Shaurya Minerals located at Khivsar & Gotan and M/s Carbonate Corporation located at Gotan. Both of these outfits are equipped with an installed capacity of 15000 MT and 30000 MT of Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime respectively.


The group is renowned for its innovation and advancement of lime manufacturing technology.


Core Values:


The core values of Ankur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. dictate a painstaking commitment to overcoming all strictures of quality. With a vast production scale of Quick Lime and raw material for Hydrated Lime, all in-built within the unit, ensures extensively integrated quality control.


To further cement the supremacy of their products and services, the company’s quality-testing laboratory is more than adequately equipped to carry out a comprehensive assessments and analysis. 


The primary objective at Ankur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is to optimize customer value and this is achieved by stressing upon the product’s appropriateness, accuracy and timely delivery, all keeping in line with the client’s requirements.


The company’s ideology can be simply conveyed as: “ Zero incidence of implicit cost to customers” and this is adhered to diligently.


Company Goals:


The entire team of Ankur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to:


  • Deliver most suitable product meeting customer's requirement and time schedule.
  • Involvement through training of employees for improving their skills to maintain quality of the product.
  • Provide green & better working environment.
  • Maintain Quality Management System as per International Standards ISO 9001 : 2008


The manufacturing plant and all its machinery consists of four KVIC designed coal fired kilns built with firebricks for an efficient production of Quick Lime and an entirely automated plant for Hydrated Lime which ensures the most superior and suitable quality of Lime.  The unit is self-designed &restructured on the basis of self-experiences and industrial acumen.


For the purpose of warranting a ceaseless and uninterrupted production, the policies and infrastructure of the company are devised in a fashion most conducive to accommodate this.


Factors that contribute to an unexpected tailback of the production process, such as inadequate power supply, inadequate plant maintenance system, inadequate raw material supply, inadequate storage capacity or labor policy, are all subject to detailed scrutiny and kept well under control.


Ankur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. proffers qualitative products of Lime apt for versatile applications and usage.


We offer the best Quality products of Lime suitable for versatile uses. These products are designed to meet unique requirements of each client and are characterized by unmatched efficiency.


The products cater to the following technical specifications incorporating different percentages of elements like moisture, acid insolubility, mesh size, etc.