Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime having higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide (+92%) over low grade (65% Purity)




  • Reduced Reaction Time — The rate of chemical reaction depends upon the degree of purity of the Chemical being used. Higher the purity, lesser would be the reaction time.
  • Reduced Consumption—By Quantitative Analysis it is established that 1 M.T. of 90% grade Hydrated Lime is equivalent to 1.378 M.T. of 65% purity grade. Thus there is a reduction of 37.8% in consumption.
  • Reduced Handling Cost—By using this high purity material, handling charges inclusive manpower can be reduced by 37% due to reduction in consumption. This is a direct saving in labor cost by the same proportion.
  • Reduced Transportation Cost—Total transportation cost for carrying Low Grade (65% Purity) Hydrated Lime = Cost of Carrying 65% Pure material + Cost of Carrying 35% impure material. Total transportation Cost for carrying High Grade (90% Purity) Hydrated Lime = Cost of carrying 90 % Pure material +Cost of carrying 10% impure material. Hence this indicates that with same transportation Cost 25% more pure material / utilizable material can be transported.
  • Less Storage Space—Due to the reduction in consumption, less warehouse space would be required for storage purpose, thereby eliminating storage issues and inventory cost.
  • Minimized Disposal Problem—Due to less consumption less sludge would be generated, resulting in reduced disposal cost.

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