Algas Fluid Technology Systems As

Algas Fluid Technology Systems As

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Moss, Norway

AboutAlgas Fluid Technology Systems As

ALGAS FLUID TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS AS has over 26 years experience in supplying water treatment plants for the industry, especially the Pulp and Paper Industry, although the concept design has been available and in use for many more years.

Working closely with its customers, ALGAS offers, supplies and commissions a range of unique and effective Microfilter Systems. The size and design of the system is established using experience from the results of Test Filters treating “Live Water” in mill trial conditions and the knowhow from over more than 500 successful installations. Much of the system is made in locally selected fabricating plants with the use of some bought in components. Marketing is affected throughout a network of agents and engineering companies in more than 50 countries world-wide. Distributors have been established in India, Japan, the USA and Canada, and ALGAS GmbH, a daughter company in Düren near Cologne, is operating as a marketing and service company for EU countries and the Middle East. The Microfilter Concept is unique as it is used in most water treatment applications in Pulp & Paper Mills with equal efficiency in all application areas. In some applications previously considered impossible for a “Filter”, the Microfilter Concept has proved that its efficiency makes it possible to replace, for example, the large sedimentation basins used for primary treatment, having only 5% of the installed holding capacity but with 100% of the performance efficiency. Installation is fast and straightforward taking only days rather than months.

Over the years ALGAS has developed its MICROFILTER know how to handle all types of water treatment and producing a quality of clear water to replace fresh water in appropriate mill applications. Over 500 installations worldwide cover applications ranging from treating fresh water, white water for Fibre and Water recovery, filtrate from Screw and Roller Presses, producing a Super Clear water from traditional savealls such as Flotation, Disc Filters & Strainers, through to primary effluent treatment, replacing clarifiers and polishing after final Bio settling for safe discharge. The Microfilter unit itself is compact, easy and fast to install, has low power requirements and is very flexible in operation by being able to cover the wide range of water treatment applications necessary in Pulp & Paper mills.

The company’s vision is to show water treatment really is “profitable” saving millions in recovering for re-use, raw materials, water, energy and power as well as saving chemicals and helping the Environment.