ALGAS Microfilter

The ALGAS Microfilter is basically a drum filter but with features that make it extra special. Filtering from the inside out allows the recovery trough to be installed inside the drum. This means the filter operates with a much higher level compared to conventional designs, increasing filtration time and improving efficiency. No vacuum and only atmospheric pressure is used which gives a soft filtering action, neither pushing nor pulling solids into or through the filtering medium.


This helps easy filter medium cleaning and any solids in the clear filtrate are “microscopic”, making the clear water safe to replace fresh water for re-use.for example on wire showers. Filter cloths types range from 10 micron for special applications, though to 1000 micron for example, in thickening applications. Installation is fast and simple, no drop legs or heavy support work. Little or no chemicals are necessary and the Microfilter is not affected by variations in flow, solids or Ph as are old traditional methods of treatment.

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