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UPM Biocomposites

UPM Biocomposites

UPM Biocomposites offers innovation driven, sustainable and high perfoming biobased materials. Composite is a combination of two or more materials which have enhanced properties, when combined. Biocomposites include biobased, renewable fibers from wood as a component. Over 50% of the raw material originates from renewable sources. 

UPM Biocomposites implementing UPM’s Beyond Fossils strategy:

One of the leading fiber-based composite manufacturers in Europe

Materials developed by own R&D

Great patent portfolio on material and production technology

Customers globally, UPM ProFi focus on European markets and production in Europe

UPM Biocomposites consists of UPM ProFi® outdoor products for construction and UPM Formi® granulates for injection moulding and extrusion. UPM ProFi and UPM Formi composites combine the best characteristics of natural fibres and plastic.

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