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Packaging papers UPM Asendo Pro

Packaging papers UPM Asendo Pro

Packaging papers UPM Asendo Pro

UPM Asendo™ Pro is a moist and grease resistant C2S barrier paper, offering superior print results. Its recyclable and safe for food.

Key features

The recyclable coated two side (C2S) barrier paper UPM Asendo Pro has a good mineral oil barrier, excellent grease resistance and medium moisture resistance. It is proven to be safe for direct contact with food and free from fluorochemicals. UPM Asendo Pro is used for a wide range of end-uses spanning from packaging and wrapping of dry and greasy foods and bakery goods to frozen foods. It is designed to be used as a liner material for packaging structures or further converted. Regardless of the printing method, this is the product to go for, when superior print results are needed.

Recyclable Mineral oil barrier Grease barrier Moisture resistant Rotogravure

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End use

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Printing method

Flexo | Offset | Rotogravure

Reel Diameter (cm)

100,0 - 150,0

Reel Width (cm)

50,0 - 250,0

Core (mm)

76,0 / 153,0

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