Timber Automation

Timber Automation

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Bin Sorter

Bin Sorter

Bin Sorter Features

  • Drag chain configuration

  • 81X chain

  • Fork-style lugs

  • UHMW runners

  • “Non marking” UHMW lug attachments

  • VFAC Drive

  • Independent take-ups

  • Air operated

  • Limit switch travel limits

  • Plastic tipple arms

  • Air operated

  • Double-acting cylinders for high-speed operation

  • Lower bin supports

  • Bin walls

  • Dump arms for “soft” discharge

  • Extended configuration with fixed mechanical stops to prevent dump arms from rotating past co-linear with bin wall

  • Lift tubes with carrying arms

  • Sloped configuration carrying arms for “soft” discharge

  • Upper and lower limit switches to limit carry arm travel

  • Automatic letdown

  • Through-beam photocell detection

  • “Push-style” lift configuration

  • Hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower

  • Sheave and leveling cable

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