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Wood Chip Classifier

Wood Chip Classifier


The TMI Chip Class™ is a robust laboratory and/or production tool designed as a trouble-free wood chip classification system. A minimum of moving parts and carefully selected components provides the most reliable chip size classification system available on the market today. The wood chip classifier design is based on the original US patent developed by one of the world’s largest pulp mills and paper makers. The TMI Chip Class™ measures the size distribution and relative quantity of chip size fractions for mechanical and chemical wood chips.

Special trays are also for sale to meet most hole and bar dimension requirements making the Chip Class a versatile testing tool for measuring a variety of other materials requiring size classification.

The test operation for measuring chip size distribution is based on several international standards, TAPPI UM 21 Sieve analysis of pulpwood chips and SCAN-CM 40:01 Wood chips for pulp production-size distribution are the most popular. Other methods include the Scan 47:92 wood chip size classification which specifies bar/slots for determination of thickness of chips, the Williams and the WPFL(Hartler/Hatton) for wood chip size classification.

The TMI Chip Class™ wood chip size-testing eqipment is capable of meeting almost any method when equipped with the proper set of trays and appropriate hole diameters specified in the corresponding standards. The TAPPI standard is based on a sieve system consisting of 4 trays and the Scan method is based on a 5-tray system.

To start a test, distribute 4-10 liters of chips on the top screen and press start. An automatic timer will start the shaking mechanism and shake the stack for approximately 10 minutes. After completion, remove and weigh the chips in each tray. Measure the total weight for each tray and calculate the chip percentage per tray.


  • Rugged cast steel base

  • Lightweight, interchangeable trays provide quick measurements

  • Large, easy-to-read labels report your test results accurately

  • Patented tray interlocks allow you to easily secure the entire stack of trays

  • Fast tray alignment guide allows you to set an entire stack of trays on the base with one quick easy motion

  • Strong, compact base and low-maintenance shaker platform

  • Convenient controls—just push a button and the timer automatically stops the shaking motion upon completion of test cycle

  • Design based on U.S. Patent No. 4,848,607

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