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Automatic Cobb Tester

Automatic Cobb Tester


See the water uptake as it happens!

The Automatic Cobb Tester offers a revolutionary new approach to measuring cobb values. Surpassing traditional manual methods of recording water absorption, the ACT provides a completely new and revolutionary method to measure cobb values dynamically in real-time.

Here the water uptake is continuously monitored across a full 100 cm² area of sized paper or board as a function of time. Apart from the total amount of absorbed water over 60 seconds, this technology reveals the different dynamic components of water absorption.

Once the operator has inserted the test specimen, the test is done automatically by the instrument as no weighing or blotting of the specimen is required. This way the regular operator time of three minutes for a 60 second Cobb test is reduced to only a few seconds for loading of the specimen.


  • Continuous monitoring of the water uptake in real-time reveals the dynamic absorption as it happens

  • Suitable for sized paper and board

  • Tests a full 100 cm² large area

  • Fully automatic operation reduces operator time from several minutes to a few seconds

  • No operator training required

  • No weighing of sample

  • No blotting paper used

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