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Humidity generator

Humidity generator

Humidity Generator

Control of humidity in test chamber

Humidity generator ideal for controling humidity in test chambers for paper, Board or other materials. Can be used with or without a regulation system.

The generator is a laboratory device that allows the operator to condition a given volume of air at a set point humidity. This set point can be varied from 10% to nearly 95% RH.

The Humidity Generator has been developed with the objective to condition the air in a closed chamber in which any kind of tests may be conducted to study different materials. Accurate humidity steps can be obtained.

The humidity generator can be used in various applications. These applications include:


  • Dimensional stability study (VARIDIM)

  • YOUNG modulus measurement (VARIDIM)

  • Sorption / desorption study (VARIMASS)

  • Creeping study (VARIPRESS)

  • Curl Studies (Curl Tester)

  • Any test that can be carried out in a closed chamber (burst measurement, breaking length, etc).


  • Paper

  • Board

  • Concrete

  • Polymer

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