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Control valves – The Definition of versatility

Control valves are an important part of Somas valve program because they come in handy in just about any field. For example, pulp and paper production, sugar, engine applications or the mining industry. Most of our valves can be utilized as control valves. Ball segment valves work well for this purpose because of the one-piece design of the ball segment and valve shaft. Butterfly valves are also very suitable as control valves.

Ball valves are less common in control applications because of its flow characteristics compared to a ball segment or butterfly valve. It does however offer advantages in certain specific cases. The valve has a bi-directional seat and a low resistance when opened fully, as such it can be used as a control valve if needed.

Delays are a thing of the past with somas control valves

One of the most central aspects of any control valve is the connection between the valve shaft and an actuator. Somas actuators come equipped with a patented friction coupling that eliminates the risk of any delay in communication between the shaft and actuator.

Product information

Somas valves, actuators and positioners have all the required traits for a great control valve. Good control characteristics and the torque transmission are free of delays. Below you will find general information about all our valves that can be used for control applications.

  • Dimensions for ball segment valves: DN25/2 – DN700
  • Dimensions for butterfly valves: DN80 – DN1200
  • Dimensions for ball valves: DN25 – DN500
  • Pressure classes: PN10 – PN100
  • Ball segment valves with the ball segment and valve shaft in a ”one-piece” design
  • Backlash-free connections between the valve and actuator
  • Reliable connection between actuator and positioner

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