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Ball valves – For gasses and fluids

Leakage of gas and/or fluids is something that needs to be avoided at all cost. Somas ball valve is designed to take care of this. The valve is a full bore, flanged ball valve with cylindrical bore made in dimensions from DN25 to DN500.

Product information

Somas offers two different types of ball valves. SKV and the full bored 3-piece. Below are some key differences between the two:


  • Dimensions DN25 – DN500
  • Pressure classes PN10 – 25 (DN80 – 400) PN10 – 50 (DN25 – 50)
  • Full cylindrical bore for maximum capacity
  • Hard chrome plated ball as standard. HiCo-coated ball also available as an option
  • Seats made out of PTFE 53 or HiCo (High Cobolt alloy)
  • Spring loaded seats for good tightness at low differential pressure
  • Complete range of actuators and accessories for manual operation, on/off or control applications
  • Good tightness up to class V for metal seats and class VI for soft sealing seats


  • Dimensions DN15 – DN100
  • Pressure class: PN40, PN63
  • Full cylindrical bore for maximum capacity
  • Two alternative seat materials: fiberglass reinforced PTFE or carbon filled PTFE
  • Three alternative pipe connections. Threaded, weld ends or flanged
  • Tightness in accordance with the standard API 598

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