Water Filter

Triplex Or Gang Filter


• Can shut off individual filters if not required.
• Easy to control.
• Available in capacities 1000 lpm - 5000 lpm.


Duplex Filter

• Uninterrupted water flow by shifting valve lever.
• Can clean the cartridge while water flows from the other end.
• Available in capacity 400-3000 lpm.

Simplex Filter


• Easy removal of top cover and filter cartridge system.
• Available in capacity 200 lpm – 1000 lpm.




• All stainless steel construction
• Compact design
• Wedge wire filter for efficient cleaning and long life
• Very high pressure rating up to 70 Bar
• Easy cartridge removal
• Rugged and reliable high pressure rating ball valve with Teflon seal
• Manual back flushing provision enables cartridge cleaning on time
• Automatic indication of pressure difference due to filter clogging

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