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Reaman Industries Limited

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Rostfrei Steel Storage Tanks

Rostfrei Steel Storage Tanks


Rostfrei tanks range from 10 cubic meters to 5000 cubic meters.


Our prefabricated design allows the tank to be dis-assembled and relocated as many times as desired.


Rostfrei offers a range of state-of-the-art liner technologies suitable for almost all applications.Our reinforced liners are capable of supporting water pressures of more than 2kg/cm2 and are capable of storage of wide variety of liquids.

Standard Liners

Manufactured from reinforced, multi-layered,food-grade anti-algae, UV stabilized PVC liner with a woven multifacent nylon scrim, the Rostfrei liner is primarily used for installation in lighter commercial and rural domestic tank designs. Consisting of three bonded layers of PVC fabric, it ensures a homogenous bond between each layer.

The inert nature of the PVC prevents it from affecting the stored liquids.


Our tanks come in a strong corrugated profile and are stiffened with unique ‘W’ stiffeners with much higher strength and reliability than normal one. Our unique corrugation technology of uniform pitch, and depth makes it a premium one as it acts as a structural reinforcement and shock absorber for earth movement or soil subsidence.

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