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Reaman Industries Limited

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Roots Blower

Roots Blower

Size & Capacity:

  • Bore Size: Diameter 40mm to 300mm (1 ½” – 12”)

  • Flow Rate: 0.36m3/min – 160.00m3/min (12.5 – 5,700.00 CFM)

  • Static Pressure: Maximum Achievable

  • Delivers completely oil-free air

  • Low oscillation and low noise by complete balancing

  • Small variation in air volume against pressure variation

  • Superior energy efficiency due to special lobe profile

  • High quality alloy steel gears are adopted. Precisely ground and hardened, which make smooth running And low noise. Long durability is guaranteed.

  • 4 pieces (in models bigger than 200, 6 pieces) of needle bearings are used to support roots, which can Reduce friction noise, vibration and increase service time.

  • Rotors are formed and profiled by CNC double coloumn shaper, 4-axes machining in one process Guaranty the rotors profile to be uniformed and in high precision.

  • Non-contact labyrinth seals are designed to reduce friction and heat gereration, piston rings are set inside To make perfect seal for the air chamber.

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