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Paper Converting Products

Paper Converting Products

Pura Group creates high added values products through paper coating and laminating process, conducted by Pura Coating Division.

Coating Division has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu – Timber Legality Assurance System) and also the FSC-CoC (Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody).


Carbonless Copy Paper/NCR (Non Carbon Required) Paper

  • Pura Group is the first NCR Paper producer in tropical countries. Besides regular NCR Paper, we also provide Security NCR Paper with features such as UV Dull, invisible fibers, visible fibers, and watermark.

Security & Non-Security Gummed Paper

  • Security and Non-Security Gummed Paper application can be found in seal stamps and postage stamps.

Security Label / Tamper Evident Sticker

  • With security features such as holograms, visible/invisible ink, and visible/invisible fiber, Security Label is commonly used to protect new products from counterfeiting such as in pharmaceuticals, electronics, and CD industries. Designed to be used only once, the sticker will leave mark or torn when removed after being attached.

Sticker Paper

  • Pura Coating can produce various types of stickers for label using HVS, CCP, Art Paper, Kraft Paper, or even Security Paper with solvent-based or water-based adhesive.

Veneer Tape / Railing Tape

  • Gummed Paper that will activate when in contact with water, commonly used as finger joint on wood. Available in various sizes, namely 9mmx1000m, 13mmx550m; 16mmx550m.

Untearable Paper

  • For hospital folders and other important documents, can also be modified into Security Light-Up Paper with light imaging as a security feature.

Waterproof Paper

  • For various applications, which can still be printed using offset or flexo printing system.

Transfer Slip Paper

  • Commonly used in banks to verify signatures in account books, credit cards, and valuable documents with UV light security feature on the signature for authentication. The slip paper is coated with protective transparent sticker which can be printed with a dot matrix printer.

Black Core Paper/Black Insert Paper

  • Used as a serial number protection/cover in phone cards, or in scratch-off papers.

Linen Paper

  • Lamination of vinyl and paper which functions as a coating of calendar stand, book binder, agenda, and many others for attractive appearance.

Pearlescent Paper

  • Commonly used for wallpaper, greeting/invitation card, name card, printed advertisement, cosmetic packaging, and decoration purposes.

Image Transfer Paper

  • Special coated paper for sublimation ink, commonly used in textile industries and art projects, good quality printing, both on the paper and on the transferred media such as fabric or ceramic.

Cello Metallized Board

  • Laminated board product with PET-Metalizing, printed with offset system and used as milk box packaging, FSC-CoC certified.

Thermal Paper

  • For application in cash register, credit card receipt, ATM paper, fax paper, security parking, etc., Thermal paper will change color once exposed to heat.

Paper Roll

  • HVS and NCR paper in small rolls with 2-3 plies of carbon copies, commonly used for cash register in supermarkets, mini markets, shops, etc.

Masking Tape

  • With its waterproof/paint-proof/ink-proof characteristics, Masking Tape is often used for seals in offset ink tin cover and borders in painting process.

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