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Pura Group

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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Box Division manufactures:

  • Corrugated Boxes: available in regular (A1) and die-cut box with type B, C, E, BC, and EB fluting. Printing 1 to 5 colors.

  • Single Face: available in sheet and roll, B, C, and E flute, used as packaging for: household items, ceramics, and glassware. Available for offset printing to make rigid folding box.

  • Corrugated Sheet: available with B, C, E, BC, and EB flute, used in converting industry and as households packaging.

  • Micro Flute: available in sheet and roll, used in offset printing, electronics packaging and household items. Printed Sleeve: is a single face product combining E or B (medium paper) with HVS or litho paper. This product is mainly used Available in blank or printable with 1 – 4 colors (or more on special order).

  • Loose Liner: hygienic paper product with special fluting, using food grade HVS paper and grease-proof paper. Applicable as complementary food packaging (biscuits, wafer), perfume, cosmetics, etc.

  • Paper Tube: commonly used as cores in textile and paper industry. This product can be developed into oil tubes using coated paper. Available sizes: 1", 2.5", 3".

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