Pura Group

Pura Group

Jl. AKBP. Agil Kusumadya 203 Kudus 59346, Indonesia

Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated Box Division initiated its business in 1972, manufacturing corrugated box packaging. Our monthly production capacity reaches 3500 ton and we keep on growing our capacity to fulfill domestic and international packaging demand.

Box Division is certified with:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate: Quality Management System.

  • BM Trada Certificate: Quality Management System.

  • PT PHILIPS ELECTRONICS Award: Supplier Service.

  • PT TOSHIBA Award: Top Five Vendors.

  • PT. PANASONIC Award: Supplier Service.

  • PT PERTAMINA Award: Strategic Source M&T Business Support.

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