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Fiber Screening System

Fiber Screening System

Pulmac Masterscreen Fiber Screening System


Pulmac MasterScreen is a low consistency screening device designed to mechanically separate fibers from contaminants (including stickies) and shives. At the end of a test cycle, contaminants in this Pulmac product are deposited onto an 8in-diameter filter paper and shives are deposited into an accept collection cup for analysis.



Stickie quantification is rapidly and repeatably achieved in Pulmac Masterscreen to:



  • Label pulp quality (recycled, chemical, and mechanical pulp)
  • Troubleshoot recycled mill operations (raw material in repulper, holes in screens, disparger, cleaners, floatation, etc.)
  • Monitor pulp mill quality (stickies to paper machine)
  • Optimize pulp mill operations (stickie removal efficiencies, etc.)



Shive numbers are rapidly and repeatedly generated in Pulmac Masterscreen to



  • Label pulp quality (BCTMP, TMP, GWD, CTMP)
  • Troubleshoot pulp mill operations (non-uniform cooks, holes in screens, chip refiner plate wear, log grinders, dirt reduction in bleaching operations, etc.)
  • Monitor pulp mill quality (shives to screens, shives to bleach plant, shives to paper machine)
  • Optimize pulp mill operations (screen and cleaner efficiencies, etc.)



Pulmac Conforms to:



  • TAPPI test method 274 sp04
  • TAPPI test method 277 pm-99
  • INGEDE method 4 99-12
  • PAPTAC C.12P Sep03
  • ASTM D6148-97 (2002)
  • ISO 15360 - 2:2001 recycled pulps


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