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SC-3PC Isolation valves

SC-3PC Isolation valves


Isolation valves for high pressure, high temperature applications

ASME 2500 Class: Flexibility of In-line Repair

Solid rendition of MOGAS SC-3PC valve

The SC-3PC has a three-piece body assembly with two proprietary body seals that allow the valve body to be easily removed while the end connections remain in line. The design also allows the valve body to be tested after repair, prior to insertion back in-line.

The SC-3PC is used in power plants for isolation of high pressure / high temperature applications.

Features & Benefits

In-line Repairability

  • Three-piece valve assembly

  • Valve body can be easily removed while end connections remain in-line

  • Allows valve body to be tested after repair, prior to insertion back in-line

Ball & Seats

  • Mate-lapped for 100% sealing contact

  • Ensures absolute shutoff

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Seats are protected from flow in open / closed position

  • Seats are field replaceable

Seat Spring

Assisted by line pressure, provides a constant mechanical force on ball against seat to maintain seal

Body Gaskets

  • Two proprietary body joint seals of Inconel 718

  • Gold plating of gaskets creates a metallic permatext to assist in sealing

  • Lowers contact stresses

  • Ensures zero body leaks

Quarter-turn, Non-rising Stem

  • Live loading

  • Quick open / close operation

  • Extends the packing life

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