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A3 graphic scanner AS3200XL

A3 graphic scanner AS3200XL

ArtixScan 3200XL offers you a variety of choices on scanning software. You may pick up either one from these choices to finish your scans based on your needs.

Microtek ScanWizard Pro

This is an advanced scanner controller program that provides many powerful, professional-level features for scanning. ScanWizard Pro includes the Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler (MSP) program, which allows users to calibrate the scanner and generate the appropriate ICC color profile to ensure color consistency and accuracy during the scanning process. ScanWizard Pro also features two color spaces, allowing users to work in the Native CMYK / RGB mode, as well as in the intuitive LCH (Lightness, Chroma, Hue) mode.

LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Studio

The SilverFast Ai Studio is a leading scanning software, which can meet advanced and sophisticated needs for scanned images. Its professional capabilities support precise and refined color correction and image adjustment to critical reproduction requirements in an efficient and productive workflow.


Tri-wavelength LED Light Source

The tri-wavelength LED light source, which is presented by the area covered by the white lines in the picture, has wider NTSC range to provide better image performance than that of the blue line presented full range of NTSC and that of the Red line presented dual-wavelength LED.

High-precision In Rescan

High-precision in rescan tasks for the purpose of combining CMYK. The variation of each scan on exact coordinates is less than or equals to 3 pixels at 1200 dpi.

One-Touch Scan Button

One-Touch Scan button provides you a quick and easy way to capture images that can be automatically saved as files or sent to another application for further processing later.

Flat Design Scan Bed

Absolute level scan surface leaves no marks on targets.

Dust-Free Design Housing

Anti-dust design housing for object-free scan environment ensures crystal clear image capture.

Scanner Networking

With scanner networking function in Scan Wizard Pro, computers on a network can share in the use of a single connected scanner, allowing multiple users to enjoy the use of an otherwise scarce resource.

Scan to CMYK, LCH, and RGB Color

In Scan Wizard Pro with full palette features for device-independent (LCH) and device-dependent (CMKY, RGB) are for a mature and professional users to operate ArtixScan 3200XL quickly.

Auto Dynamic Range

An attempt to get the perfect scanned image, ScanWizard Pro can optimize the scanned transparency by comparing Dynamic Minimum and Dynamic Maximum.

Auto White/Black Dot Correction

Corrected by Auto White/Black Dot Correction, scanned transparency or picture can be more adorable by brightening the white color and darkening the black color.

Noise Reducing Function

Using Multiple Sampling can clarify the textures and reduce noise on the image so that the scanned images can get pristine and near-origin quality, which usually used by printing manufactory.

Auto Color Restoration

ColoRescue function can restore the faded color on the old pictures or films. Users can archive the old or discolor pictures anytime.

Neon Function for Negative Film

ScanWizard Pro has the ISO profile of each film brand. Users can base on the information of film manufactory, model, ISO, and so on to set the function and get the near-origin and genuine scanned image.


Scanner Type

Desktop color flatbed scanner

Image Sensor


Light Source



3200 x 6400 dpi

Optical Density

4.2 Dmax

Bit Depth


Scanning Method

Color, grayscale, and black-and-white in a single scanning pass

Scanning Speed

3200 dpi@ color/ grayscale: 661/ 413;

1600 dpi@ color/ grayscale: 167/ 104;

800 dpi@ color/ grayscale: 41/ 41;

400 dpi@ color/ grayscale: 21/ 21

Scanning Area

Reflective: 12” x 16.9” / 304.8 x 429.26 mm

Transparency: 12” x 16 1/16” / 304.8 x 408 mm


Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

24.7” x 14.8” x 7.3” / 627.5 x 375.9 x 185 mm


35.4 lbs. / 16.1 kg


Operating Temperature: 50°F to 104°F / 10°C to 40°C

Relative humidity: 20% to 85%

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