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Waste heat recovery boilers Waste heat recovery boiler Waste heat recovery boiler

Indeck offers years of experience utilizing waste gases and recovering its energy in the form of steam. Steam generation is an ideal way to recover waste heat energy from these gases in a form most easily utilized.

Enormous quantities of heat energy inherent in exhaust gases from various industrial processes can be recovered to reduce energy consumption. Capacities from 5,000 to 600,000 Ib/hr steam are possible utilizing high pressures and temperatures.

  • Waste heat recovery from combustion turbines below 19MW

  • Waste heat recovery from a variety of processes including refinery, petrochemical incinerator gases, thermal oxidizer gases, nitric acid process gases, fume incinerator gases, coking, FCC, cement kilns.

  • Waste heat recovery steam generators utilizing shop assembled or modular field construction.

  • Waste heat recovery steam generator utilizing extended surface (finned tube), and non-extended tube (bare tube) designs.

  • Dirty gas applications equipped with soot blowers and or hoppers: Charcoal furnace exhaust steam, cement kiln exhaust, acid sludge gas, and ash-laden exhaust streams.

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