Hydrotec (UK) Ltd

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd

Hydrotec House, 5 Manor Courtyard, Hughenden Avenue, High Wycombe HP13 5RE

OEM Spares

OEM Spares

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd only supplies spare components compatible with the water treatment systems we design and manufacture, these are all produced and tested to the highest standard.

Our range of HydroPUR ultraviolet water disinfection systems use either mercury low pressure with indium amalgam lamps or long life mercury low pressure lamps.

All of our lamps our preburnt to 200 hours to ensure accurate calibration on installation and to optimise the UV-C intensity maximising the biocidal potency from the moment the system is calibrated.

The chemicals we supply for use with our HydroDOS chlorine dioxide are available in varying strengths, HydroDOS HA (3.5% HA) and HydroDOS SC (4.5%) and HydroDOS A7 (7% HA) and HydroDOS B9 (9% SC) and HydroDOS CD1000 (CLO2). All HydroDOS Chlorine dioxide precursors are manufactured to meet the requirements of BS:EN standards. The production plant is ISO 9001 quality assured and meets ISO 14001 environmental standards.

We stock a comprehensive selection of spares for our PCB operated mechanical water softener control valves, our 'C' range of softener valves incorporate patented* "stack technology" and feature state-of-the-art electronics and programming software.

Additionally we also stock replacement components for our HydroMAG water conditioner, HydroMAG T advanced physical water conditioner, HydroMOS reverse osmosis systems and HydroFIL particle filters, should the need ever arise.

All of our clients who currently have a planned maintenance agreement in place with us benefit from a 10% discount from all spare components not covered under their existing agreement.

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