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Water Filtration

Water Filtration

There are many different types of water filtration systems, selecting the correct one for your application will depend both on what the intended use of the water is and also what is in the water that requires removal to prevent system failure.

There are typically three types of water filtration:

  • Particulate removal
  • Selective removal of one or more dissolved minerals
  • Total removal of all dissolved minerals

Particulate Removal

Ideally mains water should reach every site in a pure form, without the inclusion of particulate solids and debris. Unfortunately practical experience shows that particulate solids are present in a great many mains water supplies. This can lead to blockages, fouling of tanks, promotion of biological growth and corrosion of the system, all of which are clearly undesirable. The prevention of these is very cost effective and relatively simple by the inclusion of a HydroFIL® particulate water filter in the system. Hydrotec recommends that all water systems are filtered.

Selective Impurity Removal

In addition to particulate material, water may contain undesirable dissolved minerals that can also lead to system problems. Common impurities (particularly from bore holes) include, iron, manganese, pesticides, odour and taste, from other sources chlorine may also be a problem for some applications. These impurities can lead to a range of problems, including being unfit to drink, staining of sanitary ware and actual system damage.

A solution to these problems requires the bespoke engineering of the HydroSOLV® range into a tailored package to suit site requirements.

Total Mineral Removal

There are many processes that require extremely high purity water, that is not only free of particulates, but has all dissolved matter removed from it. Examples of this range from the pharmaceutical industry to industrial air conditioning and from production engineering to commercial catering. Hydrotec produce this quality water using the process of reverse osmosis, in our HydroMOS® range of equipment.

The design of HydroMOS® systems is a specialist process and Hydrotec can perform this work In house through its technical engineer service.

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