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Lifting Gear - Airhandle

Lifting Gear - Airhandle

AirHandle is an air-powered lifting tool for loads up to 150 kg. Airhandle helps you for a simple and reliable handling as the lifting movement follows the operator's smallest hand movement and can be run stealthily with high precision.

The AirHandle lifting gear can either be hung from the roof rail or mounted on a truss construction with a folding arm.

When the handle is not in use, the load is balanced and can easily be raised and lowered by holding the goods directly.

With our smart quick coupling, you can easily change grippers. Several different safety functions prevent goods from being unloaded incorrectly and the lift being used incorrectly.

AirHandle has few moving parts, which provides high operational reliability.

Features of Airhandle Pelarkran AHC

  • 3 meter folding arm
  • Get moving parts
  • Air-powered lifting cables - no engines or oil
  • Fast and easy to maneuver
  • Easy to change grippers and configurations
  • Max load 80kg


Model AHC-80

  • Maximum load: 80 kg
  • Lifting movement: 2000 mm
  • Arm length: 3000 mm
  • Range: 360 °
  • Operating pressure: 6 Bar
  • Power supply: 1 phase 110-230VAC


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