Pulp Consistency Meters

We have two instruments for consistency measurement, the HK1 Mp with microwave technology and the HK8-MINI with NIR technology.


The consistency measurement instrument is suitable for measuring the concentration of pulp. During the craft cooking process (dissolving the lignin from the wood fibers) the instrument measures the concentration over the entire range. Process parameters like grain size, fiber length or colour do not influence the measurement. The instrument delivers a linear 0/4mA-20mA signal, which is proportional to the measured concentration.


The HK1 Mp standard flange is DN80 PN6 and allows a simplified installation on vessels or large diameter pipes, any other flange sizes are available on request. For measuring on pipes we have flow cells available for any size pipe diameter.


The HK8-MINI sensor is either completely inserted into the product (flange in large pipes or a tank), or attaches through a sight glass. Depending on customer requirements, the fitted sight glass or HK8-MINI sensor can be equipped with borosilicate glass or sapphire.

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