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Consistency Measurement

Consistency Measurement
  • Continuous online moisture measurement
  • No moving parts
  • Specially designed for continuous online measuring of moisture measurement / TS in liquid products in pipes or tanks
  • In large pipes or tanks the sensor is penetrating the product. On small pipes the sensor is flanged on a sight glass
  • Colour has no influence on the measured signal
  • No Maintenance
  • Easy to use calibration software




The HK8-mini is a complimentary instrument to our microwave moisture measurements (or dry solids) in pipes and tanks where our microwave measurement won't work due to different disturbances (salt, PH value...)


The HK8-mini is a device for continuous NIR reflection measurement with infrared LED's. The NIR-H2O-Meter is a modular unit, evaluation and sensor system are mounted in different housings. The distance between the sensor and the evaluation unit can be up to 50 meters.


The HK8-mini is a further development of our proven HK8. It was specifically designed to dive into large pipes or to be flanged via a sight glass on a small pipe.


The measured value of the H2O content is available as digital (RS232, optional RS485) and analogue value (0/4-20mA).


In contrast to conventional IR- or NIR-systems of other suppliers, the HK8-mini is not equipped with colour filters or halogen bulbs. The used LED illumination cares for an improved stability with a lifetime of 10 years


Measurement Design:


The sensor is either completely inserted into the product (flange in large pipes or a tank), or attaches through a sight glass. Depending on customer requirements, the fitted sight glass or HK8-mini sensor can be equipped with borosilicate glass or sapphire.

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