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New PROsmart™ predictive condition monitoring prevents equipment failure before it happens. PROsmart™ from ITT encompasses state-of-the-art, multi-patented technology in its predictive monitoring system. It provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining uptime on all types of rotating equipment. PROsmart continuously monitors, analyzes (to pre-stated parameters) and annunciates an alarm when critical criteria are not met.


PROsmart is powered by locally available power (or a self-powered option is available), which works 24/7 with alarm and alert capabilities. Individual algorithms have been created based on testing. These are used as the basis for evaluation and are stored on the PROsmart central server. PROsmart continually monitors for changes in bearing vibration, temperature, speed, cavitation, etc.


The monitored information is fed via wireless transmitter through a protected Wide Area Network to PROsmart's central computing server where the data is analyzed and compared to the diagnostic rules based program for that particular piece of equipment.


Failures can be predicted based on the analyzed information. Alarms are sounded at the equipment site and alerts are sent to remote operators and management via computer and/or cellular phone.


PROsmart also issues easily understood reports on the equipment that can be compared on a period to period (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) basis.


PROsmart has won Processing magazine's Breakthrough Product of the Year Award and was a finalist in Plant Engineering magazine's Product of the Year competition.

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